I had 99 problems ...

.... but now I have none!

Whether you are a fan of Ice-T or Jay-Z (or have no idea who they are!) there are times in your life when you really feel you have 99 problems.  You are drowning in your own to-do list.  Productivity is low.  Stress and guilt are high. You are struggling to meet business and personal obligations and feel like you are on a swift journey to chaos.  AHHHHHHH!

Bringing life back to a calm balance is easier than you feel.  Stop. I know you don’t feel you have time to but – STOP!  Sit, breathe, get a long piece of paper and write a list.  Prioritising is an art and a key to making your life more manageable.  There are two main approaches to prioritising and both start with a list!  So WRITE THAT LIST!

The list is long and you are anxious just looking at it.  Divide the list in two, the quick easy jobs and the ones that need total concentration, time, thought and energy.  You’re half way there.  When considering the importance of tasks, ask yourself the following 5 questions:

1.       How will this task benefit you?

2.       Will it enable you to get closer to your goals or objectives?

3.       Will completing this task help you build relationships?

4.       Who will you let down if don’t get the task done?

5.       How much money or free time will outsourcing this task give you?

Now delegate!  Often people don’t delegate because they consider it takes too long to explain to someone what needs to be done and by which time they could have done the job themselves.  No, no, no!  Whether it be your child, your partner, an outsourced individual, once they have learnt that task, they can do it again and again which removes the job from your list, your time and ultimately, your anxiety. 

Imagine having your own PA or concierge on tap to help you at the times when you require it.  Ensuring that you do not become overwhelmed by your workload, be more productive and stay relaxed and at ease with your life.  The great thing about outsourcing is that you get to do the things that you enjoy and want to be doing and give somebody else the ones you don’t want to do, that you don’t have the time to do and those you don’t have the inclination or want to do.

We are living in a different age, in an economy that is digital, global and intangible, we are all expected to do more, be more, create more in our lives.  More and more busy families are using the services of a PA / concierge to make their lives more manageable.  Adaptable, services tailored to your individual needs allows you to create value in your life becoming an irreplaceable life force which allows you to produce more, share more and feel calm and accomplished in your busy life. 

Give yourself more margin in your life without the need for a costly and timely recruitment process. Have your own concierge / PA without the overheads of salary and benefits and who you can adjust the contracted hours of according to your needs.

 Have you got 99 problems? … I haven’t got one!