'Tis the season to be married

Apparently, over 50% of engagements take place between November and February with the majority in December and with most engagements being 6 months long, there is a lot to organise amongst the celebratory glasses of champagne that seem to flow un-ended as friends and relatives delight at your happiness and the life that given you’ve probably been living with your partner for some years now, will change very little!

According to Kabbalah, the reason people marry is that marriage ‘is an expression of the human soul’s deepest ambitions’.  When written on paper the cons to marrying far outweigh the pros but even the most pragmatic of us do not practice in our love life what we do in our work life.  There is no getting away from the fact that the attraction to the opposite sex actually stems from the soul’s innate desire to reunite with its soulmate.   Christians believe that the first ever marriage was that of Adam and Eve, initially created as a single two-faced body. The single being split in two – a man and a woman – and then reunited in matrimony.  Whereas bodily needs and tendencies are decidedly egocentric, the soul is totally selfless. Marriage offers the soul the opportunity to express its altruistic nature.  Marriage is about two souls who put their individual needs aside, and commit themselves 100% to the success of the relationship.

However, the success of that first day, when the marriage takes place can create a stress level hardly ever experienced before and can test a marriage before it has even begun.  So much to arrange, so much to think about, what if things don’t run smoothly, what if something is forgotten. Organising a wedding is no different to organising a party, only the emotions and the panic for perfection run much, much higher! 

With the average wedding costing a little over £30,000 (according to Brides Magazine) trying to manage your budget can be incredibly hard.  The same magazine also advises how to plan a wedding in 10 steps:-

1.       Call your VIPS
2.       Get a manicure
3.       Enjoy the moment
4.       Start dreaming
5.       Add it up
6.       Get out your calendar
7.       Hire a pro
8.       Find a site
9.       Stay organised
10.   Book in-demand suppliers

Personally, I disagree – I think you only need 5 steps, plus ideally you would have had a manicure before you were presented with your dazzling diamond!

1.       Call your VIPS – get the girls in and start planning
2.       Agree a budget – with those who hold the purse strings
3.       Get out your calendar
4.       Get help – Call ORGANISATION UNLIMITED!
5.       Enjoy the planning

The most important thing to remember is that a party is made by the people.  That said, it’s your wedding day – it really should be perfect and it will be. As your dedicated organiser, Organisation Unlimited can help you ensure your day is, just that, perfect.  Experts in planning events, parties and weddings, no stone is left unturned.  Some people enjoy the organisation, for some it brings out the worst in them.  Organisation Unlimited allows you to delegate as much or as little of the headache as you wish.  In your initial planning meeting they provide you with a comprehensive check-list to ensure that nothing is forgotten and work as a team with you and your family to ensure everything runs smoothly and you really do have the day that you dreamed of.