10 of the best shopping websites

Finding a gift for that person who seemingly has everything is one of life’s unnecessary struggles. So that you don’t have to spend a day traipsing through town and then trawling through the internet, just to end up settling on the sofa with a bottle of vino, we take the stress out of gift shopping with our top ten gift shopping websites.  Make it look like you spent all day looking, even if all you did was read this blog!

  1. Buyagift - This website aims to give whoever you’re buying for a memorable experience. They have the perfect gifts for the people who have everything because they don’t just sell material things, but they also create experiences! From spa days to bungee jumping, there’s something for everyone.  www.buyagift.co.uk
  2. Uncommon goods - It says it all in the name. On this website you will find unique products which you can’t find anywhere else on the website. The site also splits their products up into extensive categories organised by the interests of the person you’re buying for, so it’s much easier to trawl through the huge list of products. Plus it guarantees landing costs – so no additional charges at delivery.  If you know the person you’re buying for loves their cooking and has nearly every gadget you can think of, try a Himalayan Salt Block.  Chances are they won’t have one or many of them!  Great for serving incredibly hot or super chilled if serving sushi.  An ingenious and original idea which will be well received by any foodie.  http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/himalayan-salt-bbq-plank
  3. Red5 - This website is full of gadgets and gismos which you may have thought you would never need. But once you’ve seen that it’s possible to buy a desktop LED clock fan or touch screen gloves, the world’s your oyster.  www.red5.co.uk
  4. Cottontails Baby - These well-made retro toys will be a blast from the past. These beautiful toys will keep you on your friend’s good side because there’s no annoying sounding, battery-guzzling toys. Just well made, vintage gifts. We love the adorable Gluckskafer felt toys.  www.cottontailsbaby.co.uk
  5. TraidCraft - This website covers gifts from tribal dinner candles to dressing gowns but unlike most places, all their products are fair trade. So you never have to feel guilty about where the product you’re buying has come from.   www.traidcraft.co.uk
  6. Bombus - An excellent website if you want to give someone a gift with a more personal touch. This website specialises in personalised gifts so it’s perfect if you want someone to know how much thought you’ve put into their gift! We love the personalised map location keep sake boxes.   www.bombus.co.uk
  7. Present & Correct - Stationary is always a safe choice for the person who has everything because it’s something that everyone uses! This website has unique designs and vintage gems including chalk boards and baby typewriters. Join us in becoming stationary obsessed again.   www.presentandcorrect.com
  8. Wolf and Badger - Have you ever walked into a jewellery shop and thought there is nothing unique? That won’t happen when you look through Wolf and Badger’s website. This online shop offers a range of truly unique pieces. There is definitely no risk that someone else bought the same gift as you when you’ve bought an origami crane gold necklace.   www.wolfandbadger.com/uk
  9. Make me something special – We think Ben Griffiths is a talented genius.  He has a plethora of wooden gifts of exceptional quality and of all sizes and prices which he personalizes to your every requirement as well as turning your own ideas into reality which is what he did with our idea for a Christening block for my godson William and is now one a great sales piece for Ben.  https://makemesomethingspecial.co.uk/shop/christening-baptism-blocks/.
  10. Caroline de Rothschild - makes beautiful handmade soaps via an old fashioned process. They are divine moisturizing soaps which are hugely beneficial to the skin and devoid of any horrid chemicals. What sets her gift boxes apart from many others is that they come in a lovely wooden box with bespoke labels so can be tailored to whoever, for whatever the purpose of your gift is. http://www.carolinederothschild.co.uk/